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Have you always wanted to work for Google or earn money with Google products? For many people, it's a dream that unfortunately remains out of reach. However, there is a way to put the big G in your CV. Google Maps is always looking for people and you are guaranteed to get the job! Take part in the Google Local-Guides program and become a partner in the BEST4FRIENDS community.

What do Local-Guides do?

A Google Local-Guide is anyone in the world who contributes to the continuous improvement of Google Maps. Google created the Local-Guides program to improve the quality of information available on Google Maps. It is a platform where you can publish your local knowledge and experiences. You'll be helping all the people who are looking for more information about a business, a company or a place. If you think you can help improve Maps, being a Google Local-Guide is for you.

How do you become a Local-Guide?

Becoming a Google Local-Guide is easy! Go to the Google Local-Guides website and sign up. If you already have a Google account, you can link it directly to your Google account. Otherwise, just sign up via the Maps app when you're out and about. Now all you need to do is leave some reviews and ratings and upload pictures of places you've been to.

Why should you become a Local-Guide?

The main reason you probably want to become a Local-Guide is that you love sharing information about places you've been to. If you've always wanted to be a tour guide but another job got in the way, now is definitely the time. If you love telling people about dining out and great food, then do it. Google rewards you with points, ranks, and badges for your support.

How do you score on Google Maps?

  • The easiest way to collect points is to rate places. You give stars and publish this.

  • If you want to go the extra mile, you can leave written reviews. Tell people about the places you have visited, with as much or as little detail as you like. Describe and share what is good or bad, how it looks, and what the atmosphere is like. Anything you think might be useful for future visitors. Reviews also help business owners refine their service with the feedback they receive. When leaving criticism, be fair and choose your words carefully. We should try to be friendly with each other.

  • Photographers get the most points. Upload as many photos as possible. They help people get a feel for what the place looks like and what they might experience. Let's face it, if you go anywhere with your phone, you're probably taking photos. Share them and earn extra money.

  • As a Google Local-Guide, you can also add a venue or other locations. Some businesses have not set up or claimed a Google Business Page. By adding the location to the map, you are helping the business owner and they will be sure to thank you appropriately. 

  • Once you have moved up in the ranking, you will be asked questions about places you have visited or rated. Your answers earn you points and are useful for future visitors. Some good examples might be whether a restaurant serves vegetarian food or what a place is suitable for.

  • You can also check facts about businesses. For example: Is this business still at the same address? Are the opening hours and other details still up to date? Or has it already closed permanently? Send your knowledge to Google Maps and help the community.

Most of the partners of the BEST4FRIENDS network are Google Local-Guides and therefore also connected on the Google Local-Guides Connect platform. Connect is a forum and blog for the Local-Guides Community, i.e. users of Google Maps who give other tips on worthwhile excursion destinations and activities. It's a space for communication with other Local-Guides, where you can share suggestions and ideas, and get personal support from Google staff.
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